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Caede Building 1F, Tomino koji Nishiki agaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto Japan,

The masterpiece of the“Master”Gabriele

Located in the downtown of Kyoto, from the main street Shijo-Dori turn into Tomino-Koji and walk about 5 mins. About 30 meters from the well-known Nishiki Market. And you can find our four-storey flagship store.Inspirited during the travel in Kyoto, you can feel the thankful and regards of the Master Gabriele to Kyoto. In the store, you can also find his design concept, craftsman technique and the texture of Italian leathers.

”L’ELISIR” the main store in Tominokoji
Caede bildg.,Tominokoji Nishiki agaru,Nakagyo-ku,KYOTO
Opening Hours:10:00-20:00 (Everyday)

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Alba Adriatica, ITALY

arte fabrica in Italy

caede|L’ELISIR bag collection

Collection - fine art piece